On Creativity

10 Oct

Gosh. How much do I love TED? I heard this a few weekends ago on NPR and thought it was a really lovely collection of thoughts on creativity.

I love this quotation from Abigail Washburn:

“Is it an original idea? Or is it something where you’re literally a creative collagist? You’re taking pieces of the world that you see around you and that are inside of you and put them together in a way that you see fit.” — Abigail Washburn

I am most definitely a creative collagist at heart. For most of the decades of my life, I’ve kept a journal. I’ve taken a hiatus over the last few years (thanks a lot, kids!), but I’m definitely ready to get back to it and have slowly begun that collecting that used to be so central to my life. In my little purple notebook so far – teaching ideas, thoughts about the garden, funny things the girls say, quotations from texts I’m reading, charts, drawings, and diagrams, a pressed flower, general musings, memories, lists – I’m getting back to my old habits of collecting words and ideas, and I’m really thankful for that.

What’s your medium for creative expression? How do you make time for your art, whatever it is? Are you a creative collagist? How so?


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