Practice Exchanges

30 Sep

Hey, this sounds familiar!

I’m fairly new to the Literacy in Learning Exchange. If you haven’t checked them out, you should. Their basic premise is a solid one – to connect entities working in literacy to one another. Essentially, they pitch the practice exchange as an alternative to professional development in which educators are engaged in

  • adult learning as a shared responsibility,
  • shared accountability for student learning,
  • using evidence to discuss teaching and learning with others, and
  • collaborative learning that is captured and shared with others.

This sounds exactly like what we aspire to do with our College-Ready Writers Program. I have actually never participated in professional development of this type. All of the professional development I have received (or, embarrassingly, offered) until this fall was 90 percent sage-on-the-stage style. The message is: we, the presenters, have the right answers; you, the teachers, do not. Yikes!

So, in our schools, we are working hard to create a true collaboration with teachers teaching each other and equal access to research for all. What a waste not to learn from the other educators in our community, be they from the next town or even the next classroom over.

What’s it like in your school? Do teachers get time to work together? Do you have any horrible or wonderful PD stories to share?

Happy Monday!



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