Common Core Text Exemplars

20 Sep

The Literacy in Learning Exchange posted this link to a column from Voices from the Middle (Sept 2013) that evaluates the text exemplars found in Appendix B of the CCSS. This is a really interesting article looking at how these exemplars were chosen and what value they have for the classroom. Moss quotes from Appendix B, where it is written that the texts in the list “[…] expressly do not represent a partial or complete reading list.” Yet how many people have you heard calling these books the new canon? Ugh. Anyway – guideposts, people. guideposts – as long as we aren’t forced to teach those specific texts, we should be good.

In the process of reading this piece, I also became interested in Zitlow’s article from Young Adult Literature in the 21st Century. While I couldn’t find a full-text version of that piece to link to here, I did remember this excellent top 100 list that NPR published last year. There are all novels, but it’s still a pretty interesting list. There’s a lot of dark material there, which explains some of what I haven’t read. And, way to go John Greene. My friend Michelle (check out her blog) just passed on a whole box of Looking for Alaska, which I’m excited to hand off to my teachers. Yeah! Thanks, Michelle.

Which are your personal favorites? Are there any on this list that you wouldn’t allow your kids to read?



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