Memorable Experiences in Science and Math

2 Sep

Sigh. I love the New York Times’ Learning Network. As a long-time polisci geek, the idea of learning with the news is totally in my court. Actually, let me say that differently, as a person living in the world, I love teaching other people living in the world about living in the world. Ahh, can’t you hear those cinder-block walls crumbling? Anyway, that’s a side note. The Learning Network does a lot with all disciplines, and even though I’m kind of an English-y person, I love science, and I aspire, someday soon, to come back to math.

TLN posted this interesting set of questions on their blog:

What moments or concepts do you remember best from your education in science, technology, engineering or math, the so-called STEM subjects?

What high or low points come to mind when thinking about classes you’ve taken in school? What do you remember learning informally, outside of school, whether on your own or with friends or relatives?

I’m looking forward to seeing what students have to say in response to these questions. If you’d like to give your kids an opportunity to respond to this question publicly, take a look at the guidelines for submission at the bottom of the page: Learning Blog. And, look at that, writing in math and science. Sweet deal.


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